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9 hours ago

Alan Yarker

Hi Oxenhope. I am trying to trace an old friend Ian Eglan. He lived with his wife in a small farm house above the village. His son and grandchildren are desperately trying to get in touch with him. I have not seen them for 20 years. They would be in their 50/60s, I think his wife was a school teacher with 3 children from an earlier marriage. They were both keen runners / orienteering. If anyone might know them please ask them to get in touch, many thanks ...

11 hours ago

Claire Carling

Sorry to bother you, I was wondering if anyone anywhere there knew of an Ian Eglan? If anyone does, could he please be passed our details, as his son Peter is desperate to meet him. Peter was born 1985 to Linda Yarker/Carling. It is particularly important to Peter now as he wants his father to meet his four grandchildren.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Claire and Peter

12 hours ago

Oxenhope Online

Showcasing amazing new talent from Molly Crowther at #TheBayHorseInn #Oxenhope this afternoon. ...

Showcasing amazing new talent from Molly Crowther at #TheBayHorseInn #Oxenhope this afternoon.


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Amazing voice for a 15 year old! So pleased we popped in and had the privilege to hear Molly sing... 🤗

She was brilliant!! We will be having her back again. X

Can still remember hearing this girls voice over the garden wall years ago. Amazing.

Missed her, didn’t realise there was anyone on earlier. The Road were were great👍

What is the road condition over to Hebden Bridge please?

Sounds like we missed a good voice before the road, they where good though x

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15 hours ago

Lucy Thornton

Our Farm & Forest Holiday clubs were so popular, we've started a monthly club. Starting on 20th January in Oxenhope, you can book your child on each month and there's loads of activities to keep them entertained!

Monthly Farm & Forest Club - OxenhopeJanuary 20, 2018, 10:30amACE - Forest School, Bushcraft & Outdoor EducationAll sessions will be child led and delivered by Sally, who loves everything to do with animals and nature. These sessions will incorporate the Forest School ethos where sessions are very much child led but they will be a little different. There are animals to look after too!

Woodland exploring
WIldlife ID
Nature crafts
Fire lighting
Animal husbandry
Alpca walking and feeding
Rabbits, dogs, cats, hens, sheep

Westfield, Lee Lane, Oxenhope, BD22 9RB
The last Staurday of every month from 27th January 2018
10:30am - 12:30pm

Suitable for age 4-11
£10 per session
10% sibling discount
Parents welcome to stay

Warm clothes in layers
Waterproof coat and trousers
Wellies or sturdy boots
Spare pair of socks
Drink of juice or water (snacks are provided)
Woolly hat!
Sun cream and sun hat
Carrots and apples for the animals!

Tel: 07816 495453
Tickets available from: for all other details.

Monthly Farm & Forest Club - Oxenhope

19 hours ago

Rachel Bryan

Please help him get home! ...

Please help him get home!

1 day ago

Roger Smales

Forget your car and go for a walk instead. ...

Forget your car and go for a walk instead.

2 days ago

Moklis Ali

Did you know?
Amontola Fusion

We've been rated Number 1 Indian Restaurant in Haworth/Keighley by Tripadvisor :-

'Top 10 Indian Restaurant Keighley'

Amontola Fusion
Open - 5pm till late

2 days ago

Grahame Ellis

Please could you share. My wife's just witnessed a bump by the salt pile in denholme between a grey car and a white van which subsequently drove off. She has the registration of the van. Please DM me for details. ...

2 days ago

SP Laughton

Any B&B or holiday cottage people able to accommodate 2 adults and a dog this evening for a couple of nights? I am an estate agent and we may need to rehouse some tenants temporarily whilst the boiler is repaired. Thank you ...

2 days ago

Aleks Haley

Shaw lane hasn't been gritted avoid if possible just had to be pushed from solid ice ...

2 days ago

Jerry Dean

Anyone know who this Good Samaritan from Haworth might be? (Downloaded from Haworth Buy/Sell site) ...

Anyone know who this Good Samaritan from Haworth might be? (Downloaded from Haworth Buy/Sell site)

2 days ago

Diane Simpson-wood

Please share ...

Please share

2 days ago

Sarah Ladlow

Can the owner of the red 206 parked at the bottom of Best Lane please move their car, buses can't get past! ...

2 days ago

Darren Fisher

Not sure who owns this Peugeot but it's stopping the B3 getting through as it's parked so badly on Best Lane....seems to be a common theme with this particular vehicle!! ...

Not sure who owns this Peugeot but its stopping the B3 getting through as its parked so badly on Best Lane....seems to be a common theme with this particular vehicle!!

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Helen Whittaker Feather

Actually Mr Fisher I own the Peugeot and it’s not actually parked like that on purpose - I had to abandon it as it was so icy and slippery I couldn’t move it as it was stuck thank u very much. Maybe if u have a problem with my parking u should come and speak to me directly instead of putting an unnecessary photo and comment on Facebook - not a very neighbourly thing to do. I would willingly have handed u my keys and seen if u could have moved it!!!!

Look at the state of the road. Nothing should be coming down Best Lane never mind the bus. The only thing that should come down is the gritter.

I managed to park my car obstruction free

That's what fb is for posting things on pic comments etc so if Mr Fisher dsnt know who you are or where you live how is he supposed t come & speak to you about it!!!! Dnt do it then it wnt get posted...

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3 days ago

Laura Lucas

Anybody know what time the chippy is open today? ...

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Usually 4.30 till 8 Ona Friday 4.30 till 7.30 Tuesday till Thursday Friday lunch was 11.30 till 1.30 and sat lunch 11.30 till either 1.30 Or 2 pm

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3 days ago

Darren Fisher

Bus Diversion is back in place from tomorrow 🙁

Dear Mr Fisher

Thank you for your e-mail. Yes unfortunately there are more road-works taking place which affects our services operating in Oxenhope. We are advised that these will commence tomorrow and be in place until next Thursday.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but these works are beyond our control.

Kind Regards,

Keighley and District Customer Care

3 days ago

Oxenhope Online

(we will update this post as more information comes in - if you are travelling this morning, please let us know how the nearby roads are).

Please like, share or comment this post to make it more visable.

North Halifax Grammar: Open
We have had no word from Oxenhope. Previous advice has been to assume it is open.

Gritter has been through key roads
All roads passable though only with extreme care. Farmers gritting road to Hebden.
Stanbury Road *very* icy, ok for 4x4 with care
Denholme reportedly at a standstill.

Running as normal.

Bradford Council are attempting today's collections but may be delayed.


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Anyone know about oxenhope primary school x

Owners of 4x4s. Your car is on ordinary Road tyres. Not magic. If you pass my little roller skate a 50+ on an icy Heb Road think how silly you'll feel when I sail past you in a frozen ditch half a mile down the same road.

Still bad in denholme. Taken me over an hour to get to it from Oxenhope going through crossroads. Didn't want to risk long causeway.

Just had an update that the road from Oxenhope to Hebden Bridge is icy until past Peckett Well, but passable. Farmers out gritting.

Left the village at 630 once off a side street the main roads seem to have been gritted well towards crossroads and through denholme browtop road was very icy

Denholme is at a standstill going from Haworth end towards Halifax. Traffic coming through fine the other way....

oxenhope to stanbury is very snowy and icey. I would say 4x4 only at the moment and even then with care.

Denholme is still at a standstill all the way up to Queensbury although roads are clear of snow.

Can't understand why schools close they never ever did when we were kids

School busses are going up/down mytholmes lane but very slowly

oxenhope to hebden is open but snow and ice on the road, just take it steady.

Long causeway is passable just take care and drive to the conditions.

Many thanks for this information.

Thank you

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3 days ago

Jen Luwaji

You do such a wonderful job of keeping us all updated. Thankyou 😊 ...


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Thank you 💙💚💛💜❤

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3 days ago

Katy Warren

What is the road like from oxenhope to Hebden bridge please? ...